1. Conveyancing
Are you buying or selling a property? We are the firm for you. We specialize in the transfer of properties.
Did you know that as a seller you have the legal right to choose your conveyancer to attend to your transfer of property? This is your right so exercise it wisely.
For some facts on the transfer process please click Here

2. Wills
In today’s times it is always advisable to have a will drafted to make matters simpler for the loved ones you leave behind. We take great care when drafting client’s wills as this is not a subject people readily want to discus, however it is a crucial legal aspect that should be properly dealt with.
Did you know if your nominated executor is not carefully selected the executor is entitled to claim 3.99% of your asset value as an expense against your estate? When drafting your last will and testament make sure you have all the relevant legal facts.

3. Winding up of Deceased Estates
This is a matter that falls closely to the hearts of our founder. When you entrust the firm with the very personal and more often than not emotional task of winding up a deceased estate, great care is taken to ensure the matter is handled professionally and as quickly as possible.
There are many legal steps that need to be taken to wind up an estate and this is a lengthy process. When dealing with estates, please bear in mind that a simple estate can take approximately 18 months to wind up.

4. Contracts
When dealing with people in law it is always best to have any form of agreement in writing. In law the courts use a “best evidence” rule. This means that although verbal agreements are binding and legally enforceable it is easier to prove that which is in writing and the written will overrule the verbal.
It is very important that you read anything before affixing your signature thereto and thereby acknowledging your willingness to be bound by the terms of the document that you have signed.
We have confident drafters at the firm and we are able to assist with all your contractual requirements, whether it is to draft a new agreement, review an agreement before signing it or contractual negotiations.

5. Antenuptial Contracts
Are you getting married? Do you know the legal implications of the way in which you decide to get married? Why not give us a call for a consult in this regard before you marry?
You can decide to be married in community of property or out of community of property. If you decide to be married out of community of property, you need to sign an antenuptial contract (ANC) before you get married. Your individual status and individual estate is protected in instances where you sign an ANC.

6. Litigation
We are able to assist clients with instituting or defending civil legal cases. In instances where advocates are required we have a close working relationship with council that are always willing and ready to assist. There are rules in terms of the litigation process which need to be complied with for example if you have received a summons, you only have a certain amount of time to answer thereto to avoid default judgment being granted against you, or if you have a claim against someone you only have three years to do this, before the claim prescribes and becomes un-actionable. Seek legal advise when needed.

7. Debt Collecting
We can assist in your debt recoveries. We will start the process with letters of demand, entering payment settlement plans and if need be serving summons on debtors who cannot meet the payment obligations.

8. Mediation
Sometimes a matter which appears to be heading to court can be resolved in a less formal and less expensive manner, MEDIATION. Mediation is known as an alternative dispute resolution process available to parties. We are able to assist with mediations.

9. Power of Attorney
If you are in need of a document granting someone else with either general or specific powers to handle your affairs as if you were personally attending to them, you need a power of attorney to be drafted. These become useful if you will be out of the country for a certain period, to assist in dealing with the affairs of the elderly etc. The person signing over the power of attorney must be in a state of mind to be legally competent to make this decision.